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Athletic Republic’s certified performance trainers have the passion and sports-science knowledge to safely improve your athleticism. Our more than 500 performance trainers are constantly furthering our proven methods to help athletes reach their goals. Because we believe developing athletes is best done in small groups, we provide a trainer to athlete ratio of 1:5. This allows the trainer to customize a program for each athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Salar is a mentor, coach and instructor for many youth sports in and outside his community, including football, wrestling, baseball, basketball, and track & field. He is certified by USA football for flag and tackle football and holds league/board positions for football and wrestling within his community. Salar has dedicated himself to understanding the psychology of sports and its impact on youth population. He continues to educate himself by attending various seminars available for youth coaches and trainers to help him become a better leader at all levels. Salar will be responsible, along with his partners, to educate, communicate and facilitate the Athletic Republic message to the surrounding communities. Salar is a graduate of The College of New Jersey with a degree in Graphic Design and is a proud father of two boys who enjoy a multi-disciplined approach to sports and athletics.


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